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What is plastisol?

Thursday, July 19th, 2012


What is plastisol?

Plastisol is a suspension of PVC particles in a plasticizer that flows as a liquid. These ingredients along with a few others can be modified to create different physical properties and attributes for a wide variety of applications. Plastisol is heat cured at 350°F. There are many different types of plastisol formulations including dips, molds, sprays and foams. These products can be custom tinted to many color specifications.

What is plastisol used for?

Plastisol can be used for many things and can serve as a protective, functional and decorative coating.  Applications for plastisol include but are not limited to tools, racks, baskets, gloves, boots, fishing lures, masks, and traffic cones. There are also plastisol inks used for screen printing.  Plastisol is a very versatile and useful product.

Wood Finishing 101 – Specialty Coatings

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

“Where do we use these Coatings”

Specialty Coatings:  As the kitchen cabinet industry has grown and evolved over the years, so has the finishing processes. In recent years, there is a much greater demand for “furniture look” finishes. By this, most major manufacturers offer different glaze, distressing, sand through, and crackle lacquer packages, usually at a substantial upcharge.  These offerings can be relatively simple; stain, seal, glaze, and topcoat or extreme: NGR, distress, stain, seal, crackle lacquer, glaze, and topcoat. Obviously, there are many different combinations where these types of products may be used. One other major note: these are all labor intensive and hand done systems.

Fillers are recommended where there is a desire to completely fill the grain of the wood. Clear coatings should not be used for this purpose (with the exception of polyesters) because they simply aren’t designed to perform this job.