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Friday, February 8th, 2013


  NGR, Sap, Equalizing, and dye stains – These should be spray applied and only a very light coat is required, usually two or less wet mils. Anything heavier than this and puddling will occur which will result in a mottled look. They are fast dry and usually re-coatable in a manner of 20-30 seconds.


Spray Stains – These types of stains are ready to spray out of the container and as described, should be spray applied. As above, a light coat is all that is necessary, again, two or less wet mils. They also are generally fast drying and ready to seal in four to five minutes. Containers should be vigorously agitated prior to use and checked to insure that all pigments are off the bottom of the container. They should be lightly agitated during use.


Airless spray stain application


Wiping Stains- These stains are usually ready to use out of the containers. They also should be vigorously agitated before use and the bottoms checked for sediment. They also need to be lightly agitated during use. These stains require a heavier application, essentially flooding the wood substrate. A “dwell” or open time is typically allowed, anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes and then the excess stain is wiped off completely with a soft rag. They usually are spray applied but may be hand wiped or brushed on. Depending upon the formulation, dry times could be as quick as ten minutes or as long as 24 hours.


By Brent Miller