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Stove Bright Touch-up Paint

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

FORREST Technical Coatings manufactures the Stove Bright® brand of paint. There are several types of Stove Bright Paint used by manufacturers, hearth retailers, and professional installation service providers.

One of the products we provide to manufacturers is our Touch-up bottles. These are half-ounce bottles of color-matched paints that have a very small paint brush attached to the cap. These products are designed to be used to hide small scratches on the surface of a gas heating appliance that the manufacturer has coated with porcelain or other baked-on shiny finish.

The product has a temperature tolerance to about 300°F without changing appearance – this includes holding gloss. Once the paint is exposed to temperatures above 400°F it will begin to lose its gloss – changing the appearance of the coating.

The touch-up paint is not formulated for use on wood stoves or pellet stoves because these heating appliances get much too hot for the chemistry of this paint.

Please contact FORREST Technical Coatings if you have questions about the coating for your project. 1-800-537-7201.