Choosing The Right Industrial Paint

As a manufacturer, painting is an essential step in the overall process of getting your products in the “hands” of the consumer! A consumer’s attention is caught by color however; protection is an equal factor when painting. Selecting the proper coating will ensure the best long term performance for your job. One of the first things to consider in choosing your paint is the item being painted. Is it wood, metal, plastic concrete, etc.? The chemistry of the paint allows manufacturers to deliver coatings targeted to each specific substrate. In an industrial environment, will your paint be inside or exposed to UV rays and the weather outside? Will it be subject to any harsh chemicals, water, or extreme heat?

Protection and esthetics are the two reasons for painting, and Forrest Paint Co. will help you with the best painting option in your industrial setting. Lighting and sheen levels are also very important factors when selecting your paint. Different lighting sources will definitely alter the appearance of your color so always determine the type of lighting your paint will be viewed in when making your color choice. The gloss (sheen level) is another important consideration in your choice of paint. It can range from flat to glossy and has an impact on the appearance and performance of your paint.

Forrest Paint Co. is among the world leaders in heat resistant technology that manufactures a wide variety of coatings used globally in various markets and industries. We have chemists, application and technical experts ready to guide you through your difficult decision. We can adapt coatings to application equipment, pretreatment conditions and manufacturer’s line parameters, to ensure the best success! Whether you need powder, liquid or aerosol paint, Forrest Paint Co. has what you need.

Today when choosing the right paint, you need to be as informed as possible for optimal results. From changing environmental laws to raw materials to its chemical makeup, Forrest Paint Co. will support and guide you in making the best decision. Our commitment to excellence is just part of our connection to our consumers – Together Start to Finish!

By George Ardolino

2 Responses to “Choosing The Right Industrial Paint”

  1. Jordan Miner Says:

    My brother in law was talking to me about industrial coatings, and I wanted to do some research. I’m glad you talked about industrial paint, and how it offers protection. I’m going to have to look for a good industrial coating option, and see what we can find!

  2. Larry Weaver Says:

    Thanks for pointing out that the first thing to consider in choosing paint is the item being painted. If I needed industrial painting done, I would be sure to work with professionals. Getting good color and protection on a material designed to work with a specific material for painting would be something I would trust an industrial painter to provide.

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