Exterior House Painting

Thinking about painting the outside or your house?  This is a project that a moderately handy person can do.  However there are some tips and tricks we can offer.  Here are some suggestions and tips on how to take your project from start to “finish”.

1.     Inspect:  You have decided that it is time to paint the house so now is the time to take a look around your home to evaluate its condition.  Make sure that:

  • Gutters and down spouts are in good condition and attached securely.
  • Caulking around windows and doors is in good condition.
  • Siding corners and seams are sealed properly.
  • You note any paint peeling, fading, stains showing through paint.
  • You note any dry rot, damage, or loose nails that need repair or attention.

Keep in mind that water is the main cause of paint problems, so if there is damage around windows, doors or gutters, etc., look to see how moisture could be causing the problem.  It could be poor ventilation.  On a lap sided home the gap between laps is the vent system.  Over multiple paint jobs, this commonly gets painted shut, and you start seeing peeling outside kitchens, or bathrooms or any room that creates humidity in the home.  Consult your paint store for ways to solve this issue. 

2.     Prepare:  It can not be stressed enough that preparation is the biggest key to a successful paint job.  This will depend on the findings during the inspection phase of the project.  It is recommended to start your preparation by correcting any problems found in the inspection phase; reattach the down spout, re-nail the gutter, replace dry rot, insert siding wedges, etc.

For peeling paint you can start with pressure washing the house.  This will remove any loose pieces of flaking paint.  Then you need to scrape the peeled areas with a wire brush and/or scraping tool to remove all loosely adhered paint.  “Feather” sand the edges that are left exposed.  This is where you sand the edges of the paint to smooth the appearance.  If you can see the ledge where the old paint has been removed you will still see it when you have painted over it. “Spot” prime anywhere you have removed the existing paint.

For fading or oxidized paint:  Fading is usually caused by oxidation of paint.  Oxidation is the result of normal erosion of the paint over time.  You can see oxidation by wiping your hand across the surface of the faded paint.  If you have white powder on your hand, this is the result of oxidation.  New paint will not bond well if you do not remove the oxidation.  You can start by pressure washing your home.  This will wash the oxidation off and create a surface that will allow new paint to bond.

Stains bleeding through paint:  You will occasionally see a stain showing through the existing paint.  This is typically a water spot from moisture getting in the wood, or tannin bleed.  You can use exterior latex stain block primer prior to painting to prevent the stain from showing through the new coat of paint.

NOTE: Any time you pressure wash your home, you should allow enough time for it to dry prior to painting.  When pressure washing, you impregnate the substrate with moisture that needs to evaporate.  This could take 5 – 7 days depending on temperature and humidity, and time of year

“Next up will be Color Selection, Paint and Materials Check list”

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  5. New Ceilings Says:

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