1. Restore-X deck productsTake care of the landscape. Rinse shrubs and surrounding lawn before and after treatment.
  2. Preparing the surfaces. Mask all aluminum windows and door frames securely with silver duct tape and plastic (or other non-porous leak-resistant tape). This is important as Restore-X® will remove anodizing from metals and discolor aluminum.  If Restore-X® does come in contact, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water.  If damage does occur, contact the window/door frame manufacturer.  Use with extreme caution on doors.  Water may seep through paneled doors staining interior surfaces.  With hardwood doors, water may cause both darkening and a raising of the grain.
  3. Application: Before applying Restore-X®, thoroughly wet the surface and broom off excess water. This encourages even penetration of the product. Three important steps to remember when applying Restore-X®: 1) apply a heavy coat using only synthetic brushes or rollers, 2) keep the surface from drying by misting with water* if necessary, and 3) wait for the product to do the job.

*An alternate method for keeping the surface damp:  After application of Restore-X®, use 1 mil plastic sheeting to cover the surface.  Place plastic against product; plastic will stay in place, reduce moisture evaporation and speed removal.

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