Mr. Stove Bright® brings to the little screen a new video.

How to prevent dry spray, drips and runs when using Stove Bright® high temperature stove and pipe paint.

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2 Responses to “Mr. Stove Bright® brings to the little screen a new video.”

  1. William T. Oviatt Says:

    I just finished reading “The Scott Forrest Story”!
    Great History of a smart guy!
    We sold a lot of Stove Bright paint out of our Arkansas stove dealerships, Wood Wise Enterprises, Inc.
    Excellent products….
    Thanks Scott for all your commitment to the Hearth Industry for all these years!
    Bill Oviatt

  2. Scott Forrest Says:


    Thank you for your comment. The hearth business has been really nice to us over “all these years”. Not only from a business standpoint, but also all the good friends we have met during that time. We will continue to make new and better products. We could not have done anything without the support of the great network of great stove dealers, like Wood Wise Enterprises throughout the country. Thank you very much for your comments.

    Scott Forrest

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