FORREST Epoxy Resin 218S000

FTC Epoxy Resin,  218S000 / EMV-0043 is a medium viscosity modified liquid epoxy resin.  When combined  with an amine hardener such as 212K001 / ECA-32, compositions based on the FTC 218S000 / EMV-0043 demonstrate excellent adhesion, appearance and surface properties.

This epoxy resin is designed for compression molding applications.  Its formulation improves the wet lay-up process while maintaining high reactivity and high strength properties not typical of other medium viscosity epoxies.

FTC Epoxy 218S00 / EMV-0043 is a top choice for manufacturing high performance composite sporting goods.

Excellent low temperature, flexural, impact and adhesion properties are achieved when using EMV-0043 with a QCM recommended amine hardener.

Product Benefits:

  • Improved wet lay-up process
  • Maintains high reactivity
  • Maintains high strength