Mark Forrest

President of FORREST

They converge to see, smell, taste, and touch the products that come to life here–crackling flames, billowing smoke, sizzling food, soothing warmth–all complimented by an array of lifestyle products that facilitate everything from relaxation to entertaining. There’s simply no better way to showcase your offerings. Capture imaginations, breathe vitality into your brand, and secure the deals that dreams are made of.  Our Sales Reps of STOVE BRIGHT® at the #HPBEXPO 2017 BOOTH 1831

George V. Ardalino

GEORGE ARDOLINO- sales rep in the northeast USA

Garret Nehl – the Product Manager Garret Nehl

Sylvia Null

Silvia Null Marketing & Sales

Heath Banry – Director of Marketing 

Pete BouchardPete Bouchard aka Mr. Stove Bright -Consumer Products Manager

Brad May – Northwest Sales Rep Brad May

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