Stove Bright® Firestarter

Stove Bright® Firestarter is the industry’s premier fire starter designed for starting pellet stoves.  Firestarter is formulated to stay where you put it, lights fast and burns hotter than other brands.  Formulated for indoor and outdoor use and will not affect catalytic converters.  It burns without odor, toxic smoke or gas making it easy to use and environmentally friendly.  Firestarter can be used in your pellet, coal or wood burning stove as well as in fireplaces, and to start campfires.Stove Bright® Firestarter

Gelled alcohol stays where you put it


Starts wood fires, pellets, and campfires

Environmentally friendly

Easy to use flip top, squeeze bottles

Available 4oz, 8oz, 16oz and 24oz bottles

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