Stove Bright® Gas Appliance Glass Cleaner

Gas stove PaintStove Bright® Gas Appliance Glass Cleaner is designed for use on glass doors in gas stoves and fireplaces.  It is formulated to be thick, creamy and non abrasive.  It removes white deposits that develop on the glass, while leaving a protective film that resists future build-up.  Stove Bright® Gas Appliance Glass Cleaner is easy to use.  Simply apply to glass while rubbing lightly, allow it to dry, and buff clean.

Gas Appliance Glass CleanerRemoves white deposits on glass

Leaves a film that resists future deposits

Thick, creamy, and non-abrasive

Easy to use

Available in 4 & 8 ounce flip-top squeeze bottles

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  1. John Ray Says:

    Where is Stove Bright Gas Appliance Cleaner (8 oz) available in the Sacramento CA (95630) area?

  2. admin Says:

    Good morning Ray,
    Our customer service rep will call you a list of options for you.

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