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Part 2 of Exterior House Paint

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

3.    Color Selection:

This can be the fun part of your painting project.  It can also be quite confusing.  If you do not have an idea of what color to paint, we recommend hopping in the car and take a drive through some new housing developments.  This can show you several ideas of what colors appeal to you.  When going to the paint store, be disciplined and choose a few cards that fit into your plan.  Once you have your color narrowed down to a couple colors, purchase a test quart of each color to be placed on your home for viewing.  The paint color will look different at your location than it will at other locations, so it is important to use this step to truly get a good idea of how a color looks on your house.  We suggest painting 2’-3’ wide section of the home, top to bottom, in an area including a portion of a window.  This will allow you to test trim colors next to the siding color.  Repeat as needed to find just the right combination.

4.     Paint:

When painting you will have 2 options; Paint with a brush and roller, or Paint with an airless sprayer.

Paint with Brush & Roller:

When painting with a brush and roller, plan to work from top to bottom, left to right (for right handed) or top to bottom, right to left (for left handed).  With lap siding you start by painting the bottom edge of the lap first.  Then, roll the paint on the face of the siding and back brush to spread the paint evenly across the surface.  Use long brush strokes and work with the grain of the wood.  (for shingles work up and down). For sheet material siding such as T-111, start by brushing the groove then roll at top and work your way down.  Work in approximately 2’ section and paint top to bottom, for single story home. For two story houses, work from top to middle of home, then work from the middle of home to bottom.  Make sure you paint small enough sections that you are able to keep a wet edge, i.e.; the paint just applied is still wet when returning to apply the paint next to it.  You need to overlap your roller strokes 50% to give good coverage.

Painting with an airless sprayer:

When painting with an airless sprayer you will want to cover all windows and doors with paper and/or plastic.  I like to cover all my windows and all but one door the day prior to painting.  Leaving the one door will allow access to entering and exiting the home.  For painting day rent a good quality sprayer.  For novice users, start painting the least seen side of the house.  This will give you a little practice prior to painting the more visible areas of the home.  While painting, paint top to bottom, left to right (for right handed) and top to bottom right to left (left handed).  Always back roll the home using a quality roller cover and an extension pole to ensure proper penetration, adhesion, and even distribution of the paint.


 ___ BRUSHES                                                                                    ___ SANDPAPER

___ ROLLERS                                                                                      ___ MASKING TAPE

___ ROLLER KITS                                                                              ___ PAINT PAILS

___ PAD PAINTERS                                                                         ___ CAULK

___ TRIM TOOLS                                                                              ___ PAINT THINNER

___ DROP CLOTHS                                                                           ___ PRIMER

___ ROLLER FRAMES                                                                      ___ SCRAPERS

___ PAINT TRAYS                                                                             ___ PAINT

___ EXTENSION HANDLES                                                            ___ RENTAL EQUIPMENT

 Have a great project!