Tips and Tricks for painting

Two schools of thought for testing a paint color before taking the plunge:

FORREST paint tipsPaint the wall that gets the most natural light. If you like, it in the amplified light, it should work on the walls.

Paint a piece of cardboard then rotate it around the room to see how it looks in different lights and against different trim. (Use two/three coats of paint for good coverage.)

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Employees at paint stores see a lot of color and can offer a fresh perspective.

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  1. Baxter Abel Says:

    I’ve never heard to paint a wall as an accent that gets the most natural light. It makes sense that it would make the wall stand out more and the new paint color if the wall got more natural light than other walls in a room. I’ve heard that most paint stores can also create custom colors for you to match exactly the theme and tone you want in a room, I’ll have to look more into it!

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