Tips to refinish your deck

Refinishing a deck can look and seem intimidating, but with the help of the right products, it doesn’t have to be. Forrest Paint Company has everything you need to refinish your deck from start to finish. Forget the idea that decks need to be sanded before refinishing, and forget the idea that pressure washing is a necessary step in deck preparation (this actually can damage the wood.) With the help of Forrest Paint’s “Exterior Finish Remover,” removing previous deck coatings is simple. Mop, roll, or brush the product on then simply wait 15-20 min. Light agitation with a deck brush will help speed up the process (tougher finishes may require a longer wait period) then rinse off with a garden hose and spray nozzle. Yes, it’s really that easy! If you don’t have a finish coat to remove, Forrest Paint’s “Deck Cleaner” will do the cleaning for you. Application is the same as the Exterior Finish Remover. Apply, wait, and rinse. To brighten the wood up, and bring back more of a natural look before coating, use Forrest Paint’s “Wood Brightener.”  For your topcoat, Forrest Paint’s Restore-X® Penetrating Deck Stain is a product designed to penetrate wood and provide excellent durability. Ideal application for this product is brushing but it can also be applied with a roller, pad or sprayer. If spraying, we recommend back brushing to help avoid applying too much product. Basically, refinishing a deck is only as difficult as you make it. Picking the right products and tools can turn the tedious job into a much more pleasant experience.

Mark D

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  1. epoxy flooring Says:

    Brilliant post. Very helpful information.

  2. Celina Anne Vang Says:

    Focus on areas where the deck is splintering as well as on the handrails. The pictures are really very awesome. Great post, thank you.

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