Wood Finishing 101 UV Curable Coatings

Where do we use these Coatings

UV Curable Coatings:  These are unique coatings in that they cure when exposed to UV lights. They are generally considered a specialty type of coating which requires very specialized equipment. If they are less than 100% solids, then it is necessary to get all the solvent or water out of the product prior to exposure to the curing lights. Once exposed, cure can be completed in a manner of seconds. The end finish usually is very hard and very durable. They may be found in use on kitchen cabinets, doors, millwork, and paneling.

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  1. mdf powder coating Says:

    Powder coating has now become one of the most wanted techniques in surface finishing and it involves dry coating which creates a very high quality finish.

  2. Brenda Williams Says:

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on our blog. There are a number of great reasons to choose powder coating. When applied and cured correctly, powder coating will often deliver superior performance compared to liquid coating. For instance, the bond between properly cured powder coat and properly prepared substrate is extraordinary. In direct to metal finishes, many powder chemistries are so strongly bonded to metal that a primer is not required. One of the major advantages of powder coat technology today is the reduced environmental impact because powder coats do not have chemicals that are released into the air like the Volatile Organic Compounds found in high quality, high performance liquid coatings. While powder coatings require energy to bake the powder for curing, the total cost per square foot of coverage is often less for powder coat compared with similar performing liquid coatings. Forrest Paint Co. is constantly investigating and testing new technologies in powder coating to deliver high quality products that match specific requirements for performance. Our Powder Lab staff has years of experience coupled with a drive to deliver the best coating solution at the best price.

    Pete Bouchard

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    This keeps me informed. Thanks for sharing it. I am looking forward for next post.

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    We are glad you enjoyed the post. Please let us know if there are other topics you would enjoy reading about. We look forward to your next visit.

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